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Reversephonelookup is a free reverse phone lookup service and call blocker App provider. On this website, users can reverse lookup phone numbers and share the information if the caller number is safe or not. The information will be updated into our Spam Blocker App to provide you with Robo/Spam call protection.

Reversephonelookup is also a great community to give comments and to read user experiences on the calls. Users can base on the comments to identify a phone number as safe or unsafe.

We encourage you to share the experiences about any unwanted calls you got. This information can help others avoid the phone call harassment.

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+1 (931) 922-4317

thexfactor@videotron 17 days ago


+1 (801) 897-7392

Anonymous 21 days ago

Got a text from this number randomly that said “I truly hate you”

+1 (714) 368-1316

Irianto 1 months ago


+1 (714) 368-1316

Irianto 1 months ago


+1 (321) 877-8681

Anonymous 1 months ago

JUNK call from local call center. Don't answer!!

+1 (339) 901-0791

bdbdbv2v2bvevcn7evbr 1 months ago

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+1 (239) 845-3469

Anonymous 2 months ago

Fake number, no message, when you call back number you get an error message. Wish these loosers would get a life already.

+1 (916) 158-7944

Anonymous 2 months ago

916-158-6990 called me and I did not answer. Looked up the number and there were only two references with no info.